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    Team Volunteer Policy & Roles Manor Woods Volunteer Policy

    It takes a village to run swim and dive meets and make this a successful season for our kids! In order to make sure we can run effective meets and give our kids a great experience and every opportunity to compete, we ask that each family consider volunteering at each meet in which they have a swimmer(s)/diver(s) competing.

    Volunteering is easy and you can do so at any time via the "Job Sign Up" tab, including when you sign your swimmer/ diver up for a particular meet on the Calendar. If you have any questions about volunteering, please reach out to anyone on the Swim and Dive Committee.

    A list of volunteer jobs is included below (swim meet jobs followed by dive meet jobs).

    Volunteer Job Descriptions: Swim Meets


    Have a voice for radio? Help announce the meet. Use heat sheet to read swimmers names as they are getting lined up for each event/ heat. The kids love hearing their names!

    Automation Assistant

    Interested in how our timing system actually works? Help with automation. Work with our seasoned automation folks to help review timers' logs, collect times and get them into the system successfully. Sit in the shade or air conditioning!

    Clerk of Course (home meet)/ Assistant Clerk of Course (away meet)

    Help corral the swimmers and get them in order prior to their event/ heat. Coaches help with this and its mostly our younger swimmers (8U, 9-10) who need help getting lined up. Great way to meet more swimmers and help the meet run on time!

    Timers – 9 timers needed per each half of meet

    Can you handle a stop watch? Then you can time. This is a great way to see swimmers up close and be able to cheer on our team as they finish races. You can volunteer for the whole meet or just the first or second half. Wear flip flops - you'll get splashed!

    Runner – 2 runners per half meet

    Collect sheets from timers at the end of every heat. Gets you close to the action with time to watch your swimmer during their swim.

    Ribbon Writer

    Help reward our swimmers! Label ribbons with printed stickers with names, times, etc. and collate ribbons for pick-up at end of meet or at practices. Our swimmers LOVE earning ribbons and, therefore, they LOVE our ribbon writers too!


    Experience-needed position that enters time, disqualifications and other key meet results into our automation system to keep score at meets. No official certification required. If interested in building experience, please volunteer as automation assistant.

    Head Referee (home meet only)

    Certified position that makes briefs and manages stroke and turn officials, leads the 'run of show' for the meet, and makes final calls on swimmer disqualifications and other official meet business.

    Starter (home meets only)

    Certified position that determines that all lanes are properly filled with eligible swimmers for the event; determines that all swimmers are in proper start position. Starts each event with whistle or air horn. Determines that all swimmers properly begin the event. Must attend annual league training clinic to be certified.

    Stroke & Turn Judge

    Certified position that determines if swimmer completed entire swim event according to league rules for that stroke. Identify stroke violations and communicate to head referee for final decision. Must receive and maintain valid certification.

    For more information on becoming a certified official, please contact our Official's Chair: Andrew Ament at [email protected].

    Volunteer Job Descriptions: Dive Meets


    Have a camera? Love capturing special moments? Come take pictures of our divers and supporters at a dive meet. Work first or second half of the meet then upload pictures to a shared site for the folks who put together our slide shows.

    Table Worker

    Get the best seats in the house! Come sit poolside and help collate judges scores and prepare ribbons for our divers. Training provided day-of meet.  Work the first or second half of the meet.


    Certification-required position - that means you attend a judges training clinic within three years of time judging.  Judge dives and provide scores for meet results. Work for the first or second half of the meet.

    To check on your own Certification Status, click here

    Referee (home meet only)

    Certified position manages the judges, leads the 'run of show' for the meet, and makes final calls on diver disqualifications and other official meet business. Work for the first or second half of the meet (or the whole meet!).

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