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Social Events

Manor Woods Swim and Dive Team has a tradition of making the Summer Swim & Dive season memorable for the participants since 1969. Our spirit and social activities are a major part of the memories and parent assistance is just as important as helping run the competitions. What follows is a short description of the scheduled social activities plus some information on policies and additional important parent committees.

Contact any of the Swim and Dive Committee members to ask specific questions and see how you can help. As you can imagine, it take many volunteers to make so many social events happen. 

Social Activities are listed here in the general order they occur – check the calendar for this year's exact dates and volunteers needed. 

Friday Night Pot Lucks

The team Pot Luck Dinner begins immediately following the weekly spirit activity. These events are a great way to conveniently feed your family as well as socialize with other Manor Woods families on Friday evenings during swim season. The Pot Luck is open to all registered Swimmers, Divers, and Pre-Teamers and their families. To make the Pot Luck work, each family must bring food each week.  

Families are requested to bring a healthy main or side dish "of your choosing” (serving 8-10)

Please bring your food item in a non-glass container. (plastic, aluminum, etc.) Most of the children are running around with bare feet, and broken glass could cause a serious injury. THANK YOU!!!

Families with special dietary considerations are encouraged to prepare these dishes accordingly. *** Please be sensitive to specific food allergies when preparing your dish and appropriately mark any food items containing nuts.***

The team provides utensils, cups, plates and napkins. The team is responsible for cleaning up the area at the conclusion of the event.

Pot lucks require family volunteers to run an efficient event.

After Meet Lunches

Saturday swim meets end right around lunch time. After the meet, it is traditional for everyone to eat lunch together while ribbons are handed out by the coaches. During home meets, The Manor Woods snack bar offers a $5 Special (burger, cheese burger, or hot dog; bag of chips, and a drink). During the last home meet, we will recognize graduating/departing athletes.

For Saturday away meets the team convenes at a fast food restaurant near the pool we are visiting. Sometimes a group rate will be negotiated in advance. Sometimes we will arrive at the same time as three other teams! Expect a long line if that happens, but the kids love it.

Dive meets and the Wednesday night swim meets end a bit later, but often the teams will celebrate at a nearby fast food restaurant as well – at the discretion of the coaches.

Raft Night/Ice Cream Social

This event occurs immediately following the Swim, Dive, and Pre-Team photo. The pool is closed to the public so the Swim and Dive athletes can enjoy using inflatable rafts for the evening. This is a top perk of being on the swim and dive team, so take advantage and attend. During the second break, we will serve ice cream.

WE NEED PARENTS TO CONTRIBUTE AND VOLUNTEER TO PULL OFF THIS EVENT. See the Job Signup button to volunteer. We need several people to each bring ice cream and fixin’s on the day of the event. (The advantage of volunteering is you get to bring your favorite flavor!) Families with special dietary considerations are encouraged to provide these items accordingly. Please feel free to bring your own favorite topping!

Bring a raft or jump on a friend’s. Younger swimmers and divers should invite their parents to be with them in the pool for safety as it can get rough.

High School Bonfire

Swimmers and divers who will be entering 10th grade and above in the fall are invited to an evening party at Manor Woods Pool. This is intended to be a team building activity for the older kids. Music, games, a small bonfire, and S'mores are included in the evening activities. The event is chaperoned by MW parents and is held rain or shine. Swimmers will be asked to bring a drink and snack to share.

Pancake Breakfast

Where effort and hard work meet delicious!

In years past, senior swimmers and divers have helped by cooking and serving the breakfast.  Parents have been asked to assist.  Parents have also been asked to supply the food and drinks. 

As you can imagine, much support is needed to make this run smoothly. 

Swim and Dive Team Awards Banquet

The awards banquet is held beginning at 4:30 on the Sunday of Divisionals Weekend, which is the weekend of the last swim and dive meets.

The team provides drinks, decorations, and a main dish. Swimmers and Divers, including Pre-Teamers, are recognized. Top scorers receive special recognition, and there are also coaches awards based on discretionary criteria usually related to team spirit or effort.

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