Swim Clinics

    Hello Swim and Pre Team Families!

    Below are the links for the Montgomery Stroke and Turn Swim Clinic (MSTC), SwiMontgomery, and Advanced Lessons. 

    Links for MSTC, SwiMontgomery, and Advanced Lessons OPENS ON MONDAY, AUGUST 14th @ 6:30 am 

    Montgomery Stroke and Turn Clinic (MSTC) Website (Just click on the registration link)

    MSTC’s programs run 24 sessions from October until May and are designed for swimmers 5-18 years old who wish to improve their ability to swim the four competitive strokes, learn correct starts and turns, gain strength and have fun. In order to participate, swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters of freestyle without stopping.

    SwiMontgomery SWIMontgomery is a developmental program for children, 6 to 13 years old, who have an interest in competitive swimming and want to build a foundation of related skills. It is divided into three levels serving the beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers, within its boundaries. This is a non-competitive program, but many students, especially at the advanced level, are already participating on swim teams. SWIMontgomery operates as a series of lessons working toward realizing full swimming potential. Students will learn how to control breathing, body positioning and propulsion independent of the competitive strokes. Once this has been accomplished, learning stroke form is easier and more fun, and the progression into more advanced techniques is accelerated.
    Advanced Level Lessons
    This class is for students who can swim one length of front and back crawl, tread water and swim in deep water. Advanced level lessons are designed to refine freestyle and backstroke as well as introduce breastroke and butterfly. Swimmers will be divided into subgroups by skill level at the first class. Courses meet for six 35-minute sessions. 
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