Robin Hood Invitational Dive Meet - volunteers needed!

    From the Robin Hood Dive Team:

    We have had great response from Divers signing up for the Robin Hood Invitational tomorrow. At last count we have over 115 divers signed up. If you have divers who have not yet signed up, please ask them to do so now using the link below. We will accept diver sign up at the meet, but strongly prefer to know ahead of time to manage the meet and keep it running smoothly.

    UNFORTUNATELY, our volunteers have not come out in the same numbers as the divers. We have 14 families who have signed up to work at the meet. We are in serious need of parents to step up and volunteer for refereeing, judging and table working in all three sessions. As you know, there is no meet without volunteers! If parents want to split the shifts between 2 or more families, that is absolutely OK as long as we get people in all the seats. We also welcome any coaches who would like to take a turn in the judging chair.

    Unfortunately, I am down with Covid so my co-rep, Marie Johnson will be taking over tomorrow. Please help line up volunteers for her so that we aren’t scrambling duing the meet and having to delay until we get people.

    I hope that everyone enjoys the Invitational and wish your divers all the best at the Invitational and at Divisionals this weekend.

    Jenn Bauer

    Robin Hood Co-Dive Rep

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